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Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling

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Eitan Tadmor
Distinguished University Professor

Director, Center for Scientific Computation And Mathematical Modeling
Department of Mathematics and Institute for Physical Science & Technology

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Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling
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Department of Mathematics
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University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4014


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Research Interests

Research interests include the analysis of time-dependent problems governed by linear and nonlinear PDEs, the construction, analysis and implementation of novel high-resolution algorithms for the approximate solution of these problems, and the interplay between theory and computational aspects of such approximate methods.

Research topics include Approximate methods for linear time-dependent problems (Key words: stability, accuracy, difference schemes and spectral methods for initial- and initial-boundary value problems) Hyperbolic problems with different time scales, Nonlinear convection diffusion problems (Key words: regularity, homogenization, incompressible Euler and critical thresholds in Euler dynamics) Nonlinear conservation laws (Key words: entropy functions, regularity, kinetic formulations) Approximate methods for nonlinear conservation laws and related problems (Key words: finite difference approximations, total-variation and entropy stability, convergence rate estimates, high-resolution central schemes for conservation laws, Hamilton-Jacobi and incompressible Euler eq's) Spectral methods (Key words: spectral recovery and detection of edges in spectral data, stability and convergence of spectral methods, spectral viscosity approximations) Image processing (Key words: multiscale representation)

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