Eitan Tadmor's Picture Eitan Tadmor
Distinguished University Professor
Department of Mathematics
Institute for Physical Science & Technology
Director, Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling  (CSCAMM)

Mail:CSCAMM, 4149 CSIC Building #406
Paint Branch Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-2389
Assistant: Mr. Scott Boutaugh, tel. 301.405.0652,

    A personal view of mathematical research:

       I remember being in a hotel room in 1967 ... read more...

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    Signficant publications
    Selected references on Entropy stability Convergence rate Spectral viscosity Hierrachical decompositions Critical thresholds
    CentPack: A package of high-resolution central schemes for nonlinear conservation laws    
    Selected talks: A list of selected invited addresses
    My lineage
    Founding Co-Director, NSF Institute for Pure and Applied mathematics (IPAM), UCLA, 1999-
    Research overview Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics 4(3) (2004) 265-270
    IMS Interview IMPRINTS June 2005, p.15.
    NSF Focus Research Group: Kinetic Description of Multiscale Phenomena, 2008-2012
    KI-net: NSF Resercah Network on Kinetic description of emerging challenges in multiscale problems of natural sciences, 2012-2017
    AMS Fellow, 2012 inaugural class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society
    SIAM invited address, The Joint Mathematics Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, January 2014
    Modern Perspectives in Applied Mathematics: Theory and Numerics of PDEs, Bethesda, Maryland, April 2014


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