Seventh International Conference on

Hyperbolic Problems

Theory, Numerics, Applications


ETH Zürich

February 9-13, 1998

February 9-13, 1998 Zürich, Switzerland



  1. Objectives
  2. History
  3. Scientific Committee
  4. Plenary and Invited Speakers
  5. Provisional list of participants
  6. Sponsors
  7. Call for Papers
  8. Registration fees
  9. Financial support
  10. Accomodation
  11. Important Dates
  12. Proceedings
  13. Location
  14. Time table (uncompressed version)
  15. Time table for contributed sessions and list of titles (uncompressed version)
  16. Registration form (uncompressed version)
  17. Second Announcement (uncompressed version)
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 The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists with interests in the theoretical, applied and computational aspects of hyperbolic partial differential equations. There will be an emphasis on nonlinear problems and applications in different fields. As it has been done in past, a special effort will be made to make it possible for young scientists to attend to promote their interaction with the more senior researchers.

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The series of international conferences on Hyperbolic Problems had been initialized by C. Carasso, P.-A. Raviart and D. Serre with the first conference held in St-Etienne, France in 1986. Since then it has been organized on a biannual basis first in Europe, Aachen, Germany (1988), Uppsala, Sweden (1990), Taormina, Italy (1992) and then in Stony-Brook, US (1994) and Hong Kong (1996). (Pleanary and invited speakers of these conferences).

Scientific Committee

J. Ballmann, Germany  P. Lax, USA
P. Collela, USA  T.P. Liu, USA
C. Dafermos, USA  P. Marcati, Italy
B. Engquist, USA  D. Marchesin, Brasil
M. Feistauer, Czech Republik  K.W. Morton, UK
J. Glimm, USA  D. Serre, France
L. Hsiao, China  M. Struwe, Switzerland
R. Jeltsch, Switzerland  A. Tveito, Norway

  Plenary Speakers
J.-Y. Chemin, France  A. Hood, UK 
A. Kazhikhov, Russia  B. Perthame, France 
T.P. Liu, USA  M. Pulvirenti, Italy 
D. Marchesin, Brasilien  R. Rannacher, Germany
G. Metivier, France  J.A. Sethian, USA 
K.W. Morton, UK  E. Tadmor, USA
Z. Xin, USA

  Invited Speakers
J. Ballmann, Germany  A. Kluwick, Austria 
G.Q. Chen, USA  H.-O. Kreiss, Sweden 
B. Cockburn, USA  R. LeVeque, USA 
S.M. Deshpande, India  C. Bona, Spain 
C. J. Van Duijn, Netherlands  E. Mueller, Germany 
B. Engquist, Sweden  S. Nishibata, Japan 
M. Feistauer, Czech Republik  K. Powell, USA 
M. Fey, Switzerland  A. Schroll, Germany 
P. LeFloch, France  D. Serre, France 
H. Freistuehler, Germany  A. Szepessy, Sweden 
B. Gustafsson, Sweden  B. Temple, USA 
D. Haenel, Germany  R. Winther, Norway 
R. Klein, Germany  T. Yang, Hong Kong 
H. Frid, Brazil  I. Gallagher, France 
K. Trivisa, USA  W. Wang, China 
K. Zumbrun, USA  C. Rohde, Germany 
T. Luo, Hong Kong   


 ETH Zürich
Department of Mathematics ETH
Mathematical Research Institute FIM
Seminar for Applied Mathematics SAM
RWTH Aachen
Asea Brown Boveri AG ABB
IBM Schweiz IBM
Julius Baer Stiftung, Zürich
Joh. Jacob Rieter-Stiftung, Winterthur
Stiftung zur Foerderung der mathematischen Wissenschaften in der Schweiz
Schweizerischer Nationalfonds SNF
Milan Kratka, The University of Chicago

Call for Papers

 The program of the conference will include plenary 45 minutes lectures, invited 30 minutes presentations and 20 minutes communications. Please submit an abstract consisting of at least 1000 but not more than 2000 words. Please use the LaTeX macro (available via anonymous FTP or as a hardcopy by ticking the corresponding box on the answer card). Refereed proceedings will be published.

Registration fees

 The payment must be made in Swiss francs (CHF). The registration fee is 150 CHF if it is paid before January 15, 1998, otherwise it is 200 CHF.

Financial support

 The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) gives some financial support for participants from Central and Eastern European Countries and New Independent States (CEEC/NIS). The following beneficiary countries are eligible for participation: Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kirghizstan, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.



 We have reserved until 1.12.97 blocks of rooms in hotels in close vicinity to ETH (see extra list) which offer a special reduced rate for the participants. The price for a simple room is between 50 CHF and 120 CHF. The price for a double room is between 85 CHF and 165 CHF. Please make your own reservation using phone or fax and mention the conference name. You can get more information on hotels in Zürich using the internet hotel guide http://www.zurichtourism.ch/hotel_guide/hotels.html.

Important Dates

September 15, 1997  Deadline for submission of abstracts
Deadline for application for partial support
Attention: Participants from Central and Eastern European Countries and New Independent States (CEEC/NIS)
December 15, 1997  Notification of acceptance of the contributed papers
Notification of partial support given
January 15, 1998  Deadline for the final abstract
Deadline for registration 
Payment of fee at a reduced rate 
February 8, 1998  4 - 9 pm registration at conference location 
February 9, 1998  8 am registration at conference location 
9.15 am opening of the conference 
February 13, 1998  3 pm closing of the conference 
April 1, 1998  Submission of final paper for the proceedings 
July 1, 1998  Notification of acceptance of the paper for the proceedings 

Conference Office


Secretary: Marcela Kraemer
Phone: +41-1-632 34 65

Organizer: Prof. R. Jeltsch
Phone: +41-1-632 34 52
E-mail: jeltsch@sam.math.ethz.ch

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