Selected algorithms and their numerical analysis

MATH/AMSC 698T, Spring 2013

Course Information

Lecture4122 CSIC Bldg. #406; TuTh 2-3:15pm
InstructorProfessor Eitan Tadmor
Contacttel.: x5-0648   Email:
Office Hours By appointment 4119 CSIC Bldg. #406
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Final TBA, 4122 CSIC Bldg. #406
Grading50% Homework, 50% Final


    Prerequisite: A graduate level one semester course in numerical analysis AMSC666/667; or permission of instructor.


    Course Description (Preliminary)


    The purpose is to complement the discussion of modern algorithms which are either left out or only partially covered in our NA courses. Thus, AMSC666/667 will be prerequisite.

    Among the topics to be discussed are the square root finder, the divide and conquer (and possibly the Toda flows) for calculation of eigenvalues, Delta-Sigma conversion, Strong-Stability Persevering ODE solvers, spectral convergence in approximation theory, various examples for numerical dispersive waves.
    If time permits we will also discuss algorithms for edge detection, image processing, and compressive sensing. The discussion on each topic is not intended to be comprehensive but to be self-contained.
    Eitan Tadmor