Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems
Held in Caltech, Pasadena, March 25-29, 2002

T. Hou and E. Tadmor, eds.

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Subject Mathematics / General
ISBN/SKU 3540443339
Author International Conference on Non-Linear Hyperbolic Problems 2002 Pasad
Publisher Springer Verlag
Publish Date November 2003
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Table of Contents

Plenary Talks
N. Ben Abdallah, P. Degond, F. Deluzet, V. Latocha, R. Talaalout and M.H. Vignal
Diffusion Limits of Kinetic Models
3 (16)
Alberto Bressan
Viscosity Solutions for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
19 (24)
Randall J. Le Veque and Darryl H. Yong
Phase Plane Behavior of Solitary Waves in Nonlinear Layered Media
43 (10)
Tai-Ping Lin and Shih-Hsien Yu
Energy Method for Equations in Gas Dynamics
53 (8)
Benoit Perthame and Chiara Simeoni
Convergence of the Upwind Interface Source Method for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
61 (18)
Chi-Wang Shu
An Overview on High Order Numerical Methods for Convection Dominated PDEs
79 (10)
Bjorn Sjögreen and H.C. Yee
Analysis of High Order Difference Methods for Multiscale Complex Compressible Flows
89 (14)
Seiji Ukai, Tong Tang and Shih-Hsien Yu
Nonlinear Boundary Layers of the Boltzmann Equation
103 (10)
Invited Talks
Patricia Bagnerini and Michel Rascle
An Homogenized Hyperbolic Model of Multiclass Traffic Flow: a Few Examples
113 (12)
M. Ben-Artzi and J. Falcovitz
The GRP Treatment of 2-D Complex Wave Structures
125 (10)
Stefano Bianchini
BV Solutions of Semidiscrete Upwind Scheme
135 (8)
Shuxing Chen
A Supplement to Entropy Condition
143 (10)
Doug Enright and Ron Fedkiw
Robust Treatment of Interfaces for Fluid Flows and Computer Graphics
153 (12)
Ingenuin Gasser, Ling Hsiao and Hailiang Li
Asymptotic Convergence to Diffusive Wave of Bipolar Hydrodynamical Modelfor Semiconductors
165 (10)
E. George, J. Glimm, J.W. Grove, X.L. Li, Y.J. Liu, Z.L. Xu and N. Zhao
Simplification, Conservation and Adaptivity in the Front Tracking Method
175 (10)
M.B. Giles
Discrete Adjoint Approximations with Shocks
185 (10)
M.J. Grote and C. Kirsch
Far-field Evaluation via Nonreflecting Boundary Conditions
195 (10)
Seung- Yeal Ha and Athanasios E. Tzavaras
L1 Stability for the One-dimensional Broadwell Model of a Discrete Velocity Gas
205 (12)
Ansgar Jüngel, Hailiang Li, Peter A. Markowich and Shu Wang
Recent Progress on Quantum Hydrodynamic Models for Semiconductors
217 (10)
Hailiang Liu and Eitan Tadmor
Critical Thresholds and Conditional Stability for Euler Equations and Related Models
227 (14)
Lorenzo Pareschi and Giovanni Russo
High-order Asymptotically Strong-stability-preserving Methods for Hyperbolic Systems with Stiff Relaxation
241 (14)
Contributed Talks
Fabio Ancona, Alberto Bressan and Giuseppe Maria Coclite
Some Results on the Boundary Control of Systems of Conservation Laws
255 (10)
Sigrid Andreae, Josef Ballmann, Siegfried Miller and Alexander Voß
Dynamics of Collapsing Bubbles Near Walls
265 (10)
Nikolai Andrianov, Richard Saurel and Gerald Warnecke
The Riemann Problem for a Two-phase Model
275 (10)
Daniel Appelö and Gunilla Kreiss
Evaluation of a Well-posed Perfectly Matched Layer for Computational Acoustics
285 (10)
P. Arminjon and A. St-Cyr
New Space Staggered and Time Interleaved 2nd Order Finite Volume Methods
295 (10)
Robert Artebrant and Hans Joachim Schroll
High-resolution Riemann-solver-free Methods for Conservation Laws
305 (10)
Fumioki Asakura and Mitsuru Yamazaki
Riemann Problem for Conservation Laws with an Umbilic Point
315 (10)
Admissibility of Shock Waves and Uniqueness of the Riemann Problem
325 (10)
Patrizia Bagnerini
Eulerian Approximate Ray Tracing and Applications to Grid Generation
335 (12)
Gert Bartholomeeusen, Hans De Sterck and Gilliane Sills
Non-convex Flux Functions and Compound Shock Waves in Sediment Beds
347 (10)
Philippe Bechouche, Norbert J. Mauser and Sigmund Selberg
Derivation of Schrödinger Poisson as the Non-relativistic Limit of Klein-Gordon Maxwell
357 (12)
Achi Brandt and Rima Gandlin
Multigrid for Atmospheric Data Assimilation: Analysis
369 (8)
Michael Breuß
A Theory of Implicit Methods for Scalar Conservation Laws
377 (10)
Steve Bryson and Doron Levy
High-Order Schemes for Multi-Dimensional
387 (10)
R. Burger, K.H. Karsen, N.H. Risebro and J.D. Towers
On a Model for Continuous Sedimentation in Vessels with Discontinuous Cross-sectional Area
397 (10)
C. Chalons and F. Coquel
Numerical Approximation of the Navier-Stokes Equations with Several Independent Specific Entropies
407 (12)
Gui-Qiang Chen and Mikhail Feldman
Existence and Stability of Multidimensional Transonic Shocks for the Euler Equations for Steady Potential Fluids in Unbounded Domains
419 (14)
Gui-Qiang Chen, David Hoff and Konstantina Trivisa
Analysis on a Model for the Dynamic Combustion of a Compressible, Reacting Fluid
433 (10)
Gui-Qiang Chen and Bo Su
Discontinuous Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations: Existence, Uniqueness, and Regularity
443 (12)
Rinaldo M. Colombo and Andrea Marson
Conservation Laws and O.D.E.s.: A Traffic Problem
455 (8)
Rinaldo M. Colombo and Andrea Corli
Phase Transitions and Chapman-Jouguet Combustions
463 (10)
Jean-François Coulombel
Weak Stability of Multidimensional Shocks
473 (10)
V.G. Danilov and V.M. Shelkovich
Propagation and Interaction of Delta-Shock Waves of a Hyperbolic System of Conservation Laws
483 (10)
David Hoff and Helge Kristian Jenssen
Multidimensional Compressible Flows with Symmetry
493 (6)
Andreas Dedner, Christian Rohde and Matthias Wesenberg
Efficient Higher-Order Finite Volume Schemes for (Real Gas) Magnetohydrodynamics
499 (10)
Andreas Dedner, Christian Rohde and Matthias Wesenberg
A New Approach tp Divergence Cleaning in Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations
509 (10)
C. Doronin, N. Larkin and A. Souza
Global Solutions for a Dusty Media Model
519 (10)
Michael Fey and Manuel Torrilhon
A Constrained Transport Upwind Scheme for Divergence-free Advection
529 (10)
Pauline Godillon-Lafitte
Green's Function Pointwire Estimates for the Modified Lax-Friedrichs Scheme
539 (10)
Paul Godin
A Class of Global Non Smooth Axisymmetric Solutions to the Euler Equations of an Isentropic Perfect Gas in 2 Space Dimensions
549 (8)
Max D. Gunzburger, L. Steven Hou and Lili Ju
A Numerical Method for Controllability Problems for the Wave Equation
557 (12)
Katarina Gustavsson and Björn Sjögreen
Numerical Study of a Viscous Consolidation Model
569 (10)
Ralf Hartmann and Paul Houston
Goal-Oriented A Posteriori Error Estimation for Multiple Target Functionals
579 (10)
Harumi Hattori
The Riemann Problem for a Phase Transition Problem in Thermoelastic Materials
589 (10)
Ling Hsiao, Qiangchang Ju and Shu Wang
The Global Existence and Large Time Behavior of Solutions to the Multidimensional Euler-Poisson Equations
599 (12)
K.H. Karlsen, C. Klingenberg and N.H. Risebro
Relaxation Schemes for Conservation Laws with Discontinuous Coefficients
611 (10)
Theodoros Katsaounis and Charalambos Makridakis
Relaxation Models and Finite Element Schemes for the Shallow Water Equations
621 (12)
Theodoros Katsaounis and Chiara Simeoni
Second-order Approximation of the Viscous Saint-Venant System and Comparison with Experiments
633 (12)
Igor L. Kliakhandler
Dynamics of Multilayer Shear Flows
645 (10)
Marco Kupiainen and Gunilla Kreiss
Effects of Viscosity on a Shock Wave Solution of the Euler Equations
655 (10)
Alexander Kurganov
An Accurate Deterministic Projection Method for Hyperbolic Systems with Stiff Source Term
665 (10)
Marc Küther and Mario Ohlberger
Adaptive Second Order Central Schemes on Unstructured Staggered Grids
675 (10)
Y.J. Lee, F. Kemm, C.-D. Munz and R. Schneider
Physical Symmetries and Hyperbolic GLM Divergence Correction Scheme for Maxwell and MHD Equations
685 (10)
Tong Li
Mathematical Modelling of Traffic Flows
695 (10)
Chi-Tien Lin
New High-Resolution Central-Upwind Schemes for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
705 (12)
Antonio Marquina and Susana Serna
Afternotes on PHM: Harmonic ENO methods
717 (10)
Corrado Mascia and Kevin Zumbrun
One-dimensional Stability of Viscous Shock and Relaxation Profiles
727 (8)
A. Meister, A. Berg and U. Iben
Simulation of Cavitation in Thermodynamic Equilibrium
735 (10)
Pradeepa Nair and Amiya K. Pani
Semi-discrete Finite Element Method for a Class of Visco-elastic Problems with Long Memory under Condition of Friction
745 (10)
Kazuaki Nakape and Tomoko Shinohara
Global Solutions for a Free Boundary Problem of Hyperbolic Type in the Case of Non-negative Peeling Speed
755 (20)
Myungh yun Oh
Stability Analysis for Periodic Solution Waves in Viscous Conservation Tao Pan and Hongxia Liu Scalar Conservation Laws with Boundary Effect
775 (14)
E. Yu. Panov
To the Theory of Generalized Entropy Solutions of the Cauchy Problem for a First Order Quasilinear Equation in the Class of Locally Integrable Functions
789 (8)
Marca Pelanti
Pressure Linearization Method for the Computation of Real Fluids
797 (10)
E. Bruce Pitman, Abani Patra, Andy Bauer, Michael Sheridan and Marcus Bursik
Modeling and Computing Geophysical Mass Flows
807 (12)
Gabriella Puppo
Adaptive Application of Characteristic Projection for Central Schemes
819 (12)
Richard Liska and Burton Wendroff
Comparison of Several Difference Schemes for the Euler Equations in 1D and 2D
831 (10)
William J. Rider, Len G. Margolin and James R. Kamm
Adaptive Time Integration for Hyperbolic Conservation Equations
841 (10)
James A. Rossmanith
A Constrained Transport Method for the Shallow Water MHD Equations
851 (10)
Olga S. Rozanova
Solutions with Linear Profile of Velocity to the Euter Equations in Several Dimensions
861 (10)
Eitan Tadmor and Jared Tanner
An Adaptive Order Godunov Type Central Scheme
871 (10)
Shaogiang Tang
Numerical Study of Dynamic Phase Transitions in 2-D with a Relaxed Scheme
881 (8)
S. Tiwari and J. Kuhnert
Particle Method for Simulation of Free Surface Flows
889 (10)
Sergey D. Ustyugov and Alexander N. Andrianov
Three-dimensional Numerical Modelling of Convective Instability by Supernova Explosion with Nested Grids Scheme on Multiprocessors Systems
899 (10)
F. Völker, R. Vilsmeier and D. Hänel
A Local Level-Set Concept for Front Tracking on Arbitrary Grids
909 (10)
Dehua Wang
Large-Time Behavior of Solutions to the Multi-Dimensional Euler Equations with Damping
919 (10)
Robin Young
Isentropic Gas Dynamics with Large Data
929 (12)
Yong-Tao Zhang and Chi-Wang Shu
Third and Fourth Order Weighted ENO Schemes for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations on 2D Unstructured Meshes
941 (10)
Y.C. Zhou and G.W. Wei
High Resolution Conjugate Filters for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
951 (8)
List of Participants 959