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Stochastics and Dynamics: Asymptotic Problems

May 6-9, 2010

MATH Building, 3rd floor colloquium room (3206).


Confirmed participants can RSVP and provide the additional requested information about their stay.

This workshop is partially supported by The Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA). Extra travel support may be available for particpants from IMA affiliated institutions.

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Dmitry Dolgopyat University of Maryland
Mark Freidlin University of Maryland
Leonid Koralov University of Maryland


Confirmed participants can RSVP and provide the additional requested information about their stay.


Stochastic dynamics has become increasingly important in many areas of science and technology. It is an important tool in modeling of uncertainty in many biological, physical and chemical systems and in engineering applications. It also provides important insight in the analysis of partial differential equations.

The unifying theme of this conference is an emphasis on asymptotic problems where there is a strong interaction between the underlying deterministic structure and the stochastic behavior. This includes problems where the stochastic component is a small perturbation of an underlying deterministic dynamics and problems where new phenomena appear as a result of a balance between stochastic and deterministic mixing and phase space transport. In particular, we'll consider problems where small stochastic perturbations lead to large deterministic effects and problems where small deterministic perturbations lead to stochasticity.

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The goal of this conference to familiarize participants with the recent developments in the stochastic analysis. The conference will feature the following special sessions

  1. Small perturbations of dynamical systems
  2. Homogenization of PDE
  3. Polymers

There also will be plenty of time for informal discussions in order to foster collaborations between workers in different areas of stochastic analysis.

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Name Affiliation
Kenneth Alexander* University of Southern California
Avanti Athreya SAMSI/Duke University
Yuri Bakhtin* Georgia Institute of Technology
Guillaume Bal * Columbia University
Banu Baydil RPI
Mike Cranston* University of California, Irvine
Manfred Denker Penn State University
Oliver Diaz Espinosa Duke University
Dimitry Dolgopyat* University of Maryland
Markus Fischer Brown University
Mark Freidlin* University of Maryland
Cecilia Gonzalez Tokman University of Maryland
Boumediene Hamzi Duke University
Weining Kang University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Konstantin Khanin* University of Toronto
Kunwoo Kim University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Hyejin Kim Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications
Tiffany Kolba Duke University
Leonid Koralov* University of Maryland
Elena Kosygina Baruch College
Junchi Li Duke Unievrsity
Wenbo Li University of Delaware
Jonathan Mattingly* Duke University
Scott McKinley Duke University
Stanislav Molchanov* University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jim Nolen* Duke University
Alexei Novikov Penn State University
William Pachas University of Califonia, Irvine
Jun Hyun Park Brown University
Lenya Ryzhik* Stanford University
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos Brown University
Nicola Squartini University of California, Irvine
Eitan Tadmor University of Maryland
Vladislav Vysotsky University of Delaware
Ang Wei University of Rochester
Zhi Zheng UIUC
* Speaker

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A limited amount of funding for participants at all levels is available, especially for researchers in the early stages of their career who want to attend the full workshop.

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This conference is supported by NSF collaborative grant Stochastics and Dynamics: Asymptotic problems and by IMA.

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