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Electromagnetic Metamaterials and their Approximations:
Practical and Theoretical Aspects

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Isotropic Transformation Optics and Approximate Cloaking

Professor Allan Greenleaf

University of Rochester

Abstract:   Interesting transformation optics designs, such as cloaks, field rotators, beam splitters or wormholes, typically are based on singular changes of variables. These inevitably give rise to physical parameters that are both anisotropic and singular, i.e., at least one eigenvalue goes to zero or infinity at some points, making physical realization of such designs a challenge.

We address this problem in the context of cloaking by showing how to construct isotropic and nonsingular parameters that give approximate cloaking to any desired degree of accuracy for electrostatic, acoustic and quantum waves. This technique should be applicable to a wider range of transformation optics designs.

University of Maryland    

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