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Electromagnetic Metamaterials and their Approximations:
Practical and Theoretical Aspects

CSIC Building (#406), Seminar Room 4122.
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Near-cloaking by Change of Variables at Finite Frequency II:
Numerical Assessment, Success, and Limitations

Professor Daniel Onofrei

University of Utah

Abstract:   This talk examines the performance of the approximate cloaks introduced in part I. These cloaks are obtained by applying the change-of-variable scheme using

(i) a lossy layer surrounding a small ball, and

(ii) a nonsingular change of variable that "blows up" the small ball to the region being cloaked.

Since the goal is to make the cloaked region invisible, it is not sufficient to test the visibility of a generic object in the cloaked region. Rather, it is important to consider worst-case examples. For cloaks with spherical symmetry, we show how such examples can be identified using separation of variables. Using these worst-case examples, we explore the quality of the approximate cloaks discussed in part I. In particular, we explore the importance of using a lossy layer at the inner edge of the cloak. Our results suggest that use of a lossy layer is crucial, if cloaking is to be achieved without regard to the dielectric properties of the object being cloaked.

University of Maryland    

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