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Electromagnetic Metamaterials and their Approximations:
Practical and Theoretical Aspects

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Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Stability and
Instability Dynamics of Positive Lattice Solitons

Dr. Yonatan Sivan

Tel-Aviv University

Abstract:   We present a unified approach for qualitative and quantitative analysis of stability and instability dynamics of positive bright solitons in multi-dimensional focusing nonlinear media with a potential (lattice), which can be periodic, periodic with defects, quasiperiodic, single waveguide, etc. We show that when the soliton is unstable, the type of instability dynamic that develops depends on which of two stability
conditions is violated. Specifically, violation of the slope condition leads to a focusing instability, whereas violation of the spectral condition leads to a drift instability.

We also present a quantitative approach that allows to predict the stability and instability strength.

University of Maryland    

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