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Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Flowing Systems

CSIC Building (#406), Seminar Room 4122.
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Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Flowing Systems


Professor Antony Beris

University of Delaware 


1. Introduction. One mode viscoelasticity.

2. Coupled transport: Two-fluid model.

3. Modeling under constraints: Liquid crystals.

4. Non-homogeneous systems: Surface effects and Multiscale Modeling

In these lectures we review here recent developments in nonequilibrium thermodynamics and their applications to rheology.

In particular we review the application of the dissipative one generator Hamiltonian formalism to the modeling of incompressible flows of flexible polymer and polymer liquid crystal systems. We show not only the advantages that have been brought up by the nonequilibrium thermodynamics approach but also exactly where the actual contributions are in combination from a variety of specific modeling examples ranging from simple, one conformation models to most recent coupled multivariable and nonhomogeneous multiscale examples. In all cases, special attention is paid to convey the physical significance of the models through a close association to a more detailed microscopic interpretation.

University of Maryland    

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