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Sixth Symposium on Data Assimilation

Special Collection Now Available
There is a special collection of AMS journal articles from the symposium:

Foreword and Symposium Summary
The symposium foreword and meeting summary can be Downloaded Here (PDF)

Thanks to everyone for making the symposium a huge success!

University of Maryland, Riggs Alumni Center, http://www.riggs.umd.edu/
College Park, MD, USA

Presentations have been uploaded. Please click on the Program tab for links, instructions, and further information.

Symposium Goals
(1) Assess recent progress in atmospheric, oceanographic, and hydrologic data assimilation, in both research and operational environments
(2) Reach common understanding of the main challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in data assimilation

Important Dates
10 May 2013: Abstracts Due
08 July 2013: Abstract Notifications Sent
08 July 2013: Draft Agenda
September 2013: Last Days for Hotel Bookings
30 September 2013: Registration closed

02 October 2013: Final Program

07-11 October 2013:Symposium

For more information please email daryl.kleist @ gmail.com.

Please use the links below for the Oral and Poster programs. The links to abstracts, slides, posters, and recordings can be found there.

Click here for list of oral presentations by day with links to abstracts, slides, and webinar recordings

Click here for list of posters by theme with links to abstracts and available presentations

The following recordings are unavailable for various reason: 5.1, 5.2, 8.5, 14.3, 15.1, 15.3-15.5. We apologize for the inconvenience.
For the remaining recordings, follow the link to the webinar recording by session, and then click on "Sharing" on the left menu of the Adobe Connect window to access the bookmarks for each presentation.

Themes for 6th WMO DA Symposium:

Global and Regional Atmospheric Data Assimilation
(e.g. troposphere, stratosphere, high impact weather, reanalysis)
Invited Speakers: Jeff Whitaker (NOAA/ESRL) and Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)

Convective Scale Data Assimilation
(e.g. to initialize high resolution NWP, nowcasting, high impact weather)
Invited Speakers: Dale Baker (UK Met Office) and Thibaut Montmerle (Meteo-France)

Atmospheric Constituent Data Assimilation
(e.g. stratospheric and tropospheric composition, aerosols, air quality, reanalysis)
Invited Speaker: Arlindo da Silva (NASA/GMAO)

Coupled Data Assimilation
(e.g. atmosphere/land, atmosphere/ocean, ocean/wave, land/ocean/sea-ice, carbon cycle, reanalysis, initializing seasonal to decadal predictions)
Invited Speaker: Dick Dee (ECMWF)

Global and Regional Ocean Data Assimilation
(e.g. coastal, reanalysis, operational oceanography, salinity, ocean chlorophyll, biogeochemical)
Invited Speaker: James Cummings (NRL)

Assimilation of Observations for the Land Surface
(e.g. novel variables such as soil moisture, skin temperature)
Invited Speaker: Patricia de Rosnay (ECMWF)

Assimilation of Satellite, In Situ and Radar Observations
(e.g. new observation operators, bias correction, observation error specification, adaptive thinning and targetting methodology, use in cloudy and precipitating areas)
Invited Speaker: Lars-Peter Riishojgaard (JCSDA)

(e.g. variational, EnKF, hybrid methods, estimating error covariances, techniques for highly non-gaussian systems, long window/weak constraint, new methods for optimizing reanalyses, variational/ensemble parameter estimation, improving scalability, other advanced techniques)
Invited Speakers: Jeff Anderson (NCAR/IMAGe) and Mike Fisher (ECMWF)

Diagnostic Tools
(e.g. adjoint and ensemble sensitivity, study of analysis increments for model evaluation, observation impact studies, OSSEs, climate applications)
Invited Speaker: Ron Errico (MSU/GESTAR; NASA/GMAO)

Recommended Accomodations

Greenbelt Marriott
6400 Ivy Lane
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770
(301) 441-3700
Group Code Reservation Date has passed!
Rate : $137/night (+tax), single or double
Reserve before 1800 Local Time, 22 September 2013
Distance by car: 4mi/6.4km
Free Wi-Fi with group rate
Free, frequent shuttle service will be available

Please contact meeting organizers if it appears rooms are unavailable for dates requested

Other Local Accomodations

Holiday Inn - College Park
10000 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD, US, 20740
(301) 345-6700
Group Code Reservation Date has passed!
Rate : $109(single), 122(double), 135(triple), 148(quad)/night (+tax) including breakfast
Reserve before 06 September 2013
Distance by car: 4.2mi/6.8km
Limited Shuttle at schedule times + on-call service (subject to availability)

Comfort Inn - College Park
9020 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD, US, 20740
(301) 441-8110
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Rate : $85/night (+tax)
Reserve before 23 September 2013
Distance by car: 2.7mi/4.3km
Limited Shuttle at schedule times + on-call service (subject to availability)

Downtown DC Accomodations

Marriott Residence Inn - DC
1199 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20005
(202) 898-1100
Group Code Reservation Date has passed!
Reserve before 5 September 2013
DC Metro [Fare: $3.95/each way in peak hours]
Hotel to/from McPherson Sq. (blue/orange line): 0.3mi/0.5km
College Park (green/yellow line) to/from NCWCP: shuttle services in the morning & afternoon

Getting to/from Conference
  • Via Shuttles
    • Holiday Inn/Comfort Inn
      • Departure time to the Symposium site: October 7: 8:00am; October 8-11: 8:30am
      • Return from the Symposium site: Call hotel in 20min advance.
        • Holiday Inn: 301-345-6700
        • Comfort Inn: 301-441-8110
    • Greenbelt Marriott
      • There are shuttle services by Greenbelt Marriott and UMD transportation, both between the hotel and the Symposium site.
      • Departure: For hotel guests, secure your seat by signing up for Greenbelt Marriott shuttles at the Front Desk.
        • Hotel Guests
          • secure your seat by signing up for Greenbelt Marriott shuttles at the Front Desk.
        • Volunteers and others
          • Remaining seats will be first come first serve
        • Greenbelt Marriott shuttles runs every 15min: October 7: 7:00am- & October 8-11: 7:30am-
        • UMD transportation (not specific time, every 30-40min): October 7: 7:30am-9:30pm; & October 8-11: 8:00am-10:00am
      • Return: Both runs frequently on the first-come first-serve basis: October 7: 15:30pm- & [on other days to be updated]

  • Via Metro rail
  • Driving
    • Please use directions provided by the Riggs Website Here.
    • Three options for parking:
      • Park near Riggs Alumni Center in stadium garage ($15/day)
      • Park at/near Greenbelt Marriott and catch shuttles between the hotel and UMCP
      • Government employees: Park at/near NCWCP/ESSIC, shuttle to Metro, and catch 104 bus as noted above

Washington DC Area Airports

Getting To/From Airports
  • Visit Ground Transportation websites for relevant airport
  • Shared Van Shuttle Service (such as Supershuttle) is viable from all three airports (~$28 DCA, ~$34 BWI, ~$39 IAD). Reserve Online.
  • Taxis available but expensive (~$75 from IAD for example)
  • From BWI, B30 Bus is available every 40 minutes to G\ reenbelt MetroBe sure to arrange hotel shuttle from Metro.
  • Metro and other public transportation options also available

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Scientific Steering Committee

* Roger Saunders, Co-Chair : UK Met Office
* Tom Hamill, Co-Chair : NOAA ESRL

Anthony Weaver : CERFACS, France
Bin Wang : CMA China
Carla Cardinali : ECMWF
Daryl Kleist : NOAA NCEP
Florence Rabier : Meteo France
Gil Compo : NOAA ESRL
Rolf Langland : NRL
Andrew Lorenc : UK Met Office
Mark Buehner : Env. Canada
Peter Steinle : BOM Australia
Rolf Reichle : NASA GMAO
Ron Gelaro : NASA GMAO
Sharan Majumdar : Univ. of Miami
Michael Tsyrulnikov : Roshydromet

Members of THORPEX DAOS Working Group

Local Organizing Committee

* Daryl Kleist, Chair

Tony Busalacchi
Kayo Ide
Will McCarty
Jim Yoe
Andrew Collard
Wan-shu Wu

University of Maryland Conferences and Visitor Services

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