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Fast Multipole Method, Tree-Code and Related Approximate Algorithms.
Trading Exactness for Efficiency.

CSIC Building (#406), Seminar Room 4122.
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Fast Algorithms on GRAPE Special-Purpose Computers

Dr. Atsushi Kawai

Saitama Institue of Technology

Abstract:   Our group have been developing a series of dedicated computers for particle simulation. The first hardware was designed to accelerate calculation of gravitational force among point masses (stars). It calculates force using a hardwired pipeline and thus we named it as GRAPE (GRAvity PipE). During this decade, we have developed its successors and implemented fast algorithms such as the Barnes-Hut treecode on these hardwares. We found the hardware accelerates the fast algorithms by a factor of 10--50, depending on the application. The fast algorithms on GRAPEs are now applied to various fields of science, including material science, bioscience, and computational mechanics.