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Matter and Electromagnetic Fields in Strong Gravity

 August 24-28, 2009

CSIC Building (#406), Seminar Room 4122.

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Cole Miller Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland
Chris Reynolds Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland
Manuel Tiglio Department of Physics and CSCAMM, University of Maryland



REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Participants were requested to pre-register and confirmation of approved applicants were emailed on or before July 31. Confirmed participants can access their record at


Due to the large number of applications, we regret that RSVP is now closed to new applicants.


The past 15 years has witnessed a revolution in the astrophysical study of black holes. Modern radio and X-ray observations are allowing us to see phenomena at the very edge of the event horizons of both stellar-mass and supermassive black holes. At the same time, the realization that accretion is driven by MHD turbulence has lead to dramatic progress in our theoretical understanding and modeling of black hole accretion disks. We can now start to address, from both an observational and theoretical stance, how matter and electromagnetic fields interaction with the strong gravitational field of a black hole. Furthermore, we are assembling the tools to understand both the spacetime structure and astrophysical phenomenology associated with merging supermassive black holes. These are important endeavors if we are to prepare for the future generation of radio, X-ray and gravitational radiation observatories.

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The goal of this workshop is to bring together selected experts in this field, and facilitate both formal and informal discussions that cut across the traditional boundaries of X-ray astronomy, radio astronomy, accretion theory, gravity theory, numerical relativity and gravitational wave astrophysics. Specific topics to be addressed include: (1) theory and observations of black hole accretion disks, (2) future tests of strong gravity, (3) plasma physics in curved spacetime, (4) interaction of dynamical spacetime with matter and fields.

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Schedule is available here.



A limited amount of funding for participants at all levels is available, especially for researchers in the early stages of their career who want to attend the full program.

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Name Affiliation
Tamara Bogdanovic University of Maryland
Stratos Boutloukos University of Maryland
Alessandra Buonanno University of Maryland
Manuela Campanelli Rochester Institute of Technology
Joan Centrella NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
William Dorland University of Maryland
Bruno Giacomazzo Albert Einstein Institute
Kayhan Gultekin University of Michigan
John Hawley University of Virginia
Frank Herrmann University of Maryland
Ted Jacobson University of Maryland
Jonah Kanner University of Maryland
Lawrence Kidder Cornell University
Shinji Koide Kumamoto University
Stefanie Komossa Max-Planck-Institut fr extraterrestrische Physik, Garching
Julian Krolik Johns Hopkins University
Frederick Lamb University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Avi Loeb Harvard University
David Meier NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jon Miller University of Michigan
Cole Miller University of Maryland
Mark Miller Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
Félix Mirabel European Southern Observatory, Chile
Richard Mushotzky NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Masanori Nakamura Johns Hopkins University
Ramesh Narayan Harvard University
Sean O'Neill University of Maryland
Enrique Pazos University of Maryland
Christopher Reynolds University of Maryland
Douglas Richstone University of Michigan
Massimo Ricotti University of Maryland
Jeremy Schnittman Johns Hopkins University
Peter Shawhan University of Maryland
Kareem Sorathia University of Maryland
Eitan Tadmor University of Maryland
Manuel Tiglio University of Maryland
Suleyman Ulusoy University of Maryland
Marta Volonteri University of Michigan

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The poster is available here as a PDF.



Partial funding is provided by the Departments of Astronomy and Physics and by the CMNS Dean’s Office at the University of Maryland , and by NASA Goddard Center.


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