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Matter and Electromagnetic Fields in Strong Gravity

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Modeling the Dynamics and Gravitational-Wave Emissions of Coalescing Binary Black Holes

Alessandra Buonanno

University of Maryland

Abstract:   Recent developments at the interface between analytical and numerical relativity have deepened our understanding of the two-body problem in general relativity, revealing an intriguing simplicity. I will review those advances, focusing on the most dynamical and non-linear phase of the coalescence of binary black holes -- that is, when the two black holes end their long inspiral with a plunge, merge, and leave behind a "ringing" black hole. I will discuss the implications of the advances in the search for gravitational waves, notably in building analytical templates of black hole coalescences, and in astrophysics, in calculating the distribution of recoil velocity, the mass and the spin of the merger remnant.

University of Maryland    

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