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Matter and Electromagnetic Fields in Strong Gravity

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Numerical Simulations of Compact Binaries

Larry Kidder

Cornell University

Abstract:   I will summarize the results of the Cornell-Caltech simulations of compact binaries of black holes and neutron stars. Using a multi-domain pseudospectral method, we achieve very accurate simulations of the inspiral and merger of binary black hole systems, allowing us to test the post-Newtonian approximation, and calibrate analytical waveform templates based on the effective-one-body formalism. Using a mixed pseudospectral and finite difference method to simulate black hole - neutron star binaries, we are exploring the effects of the spin of the black hole and the equation of state of the neutron star upon the emitted gravitational waves, and upon the formation of an accretion disk that may be able to power a short-duration gamma-ray burst.

University of Maryland    

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