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Oversampling and Coarse Quantization for Signals

CSIC Building (#406), Seminar Room 4122.
Directions: home.cscamm.umd.edu/directions

A New Encoder for Coarse
Quantization of Signals



Dr. Ron DeVore

CSCAMM and Mathematics at University of Maryland

Abstract:   This talk will try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Sigma-Delta modulation from a mathematical perspective. We shall see that one of its advantages is that it is almost impervious to machine error in implementing quantization. On the other hand these methods have slow convergence compared with Pulse Code Modulation. The question arises whether we can have an encoder with the exponential convergence of PCM while retaining the error correcting of SDM. We shall describe such a class of encoders. This is joint research with Ingrid Daubechies, Sinan Güntürk and Vinay Vaishampayan.