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Summer 2003 Seminars

  • All talks are in the CSIC Bldg (#406) Room 4122 at 2.00pm (unless otherwise stated)
  • Directions can be found at: home.cscamm.umd.edu/directions
  • Refreshments will be served after the talk
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  • June 10

    Dr. Pierre Degond, MIP, University Toulouse 3 and CNRS

    Quantum Hydrodynamic Models Derived From The Entropy Principle

    The aim of this talk is to present a new derivation of quantum hydrodynamic models from the quantum Liouville equation. In classical physics, the passage from microscopic (kinetic) models to macroscopic fluid-like models involves two steps:

    • first, taking moments of the kinetic equations
    • second, invoking a closure assumption to close the so-obtained moment system About ten years ago, D. Levermore proposed to use an entropy minimization procedure to achieve the second step, giving rise to a new hierarchy of fluid equations.
    The goal of this work is to extend this procedure to quantum systems. The difficulty lies in the fact that entropy on the one hand and moments on the other hand are naturally defined in different representations. As a consequence, the resulting closure relations are non-local in space (i.e. involve operators instead relations involving local values of the variables).

    * This is a joint work with Dr. Ch. Ringhofer
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